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In the latter case, the diagnosis is especially difficult and a histological examination may also be necessary, in which the affected lesions always show. The photo shows the presence of erythroderma, against which islands of healthy skin are located.

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In 1980, the researcher Griffiths described 5 clinical forms of Devergie, but due to the fact that the classic adult and classic juvenile species have insignificant differences solely because of the age of the patient, modern dermatology began to classify this disease only into 3 types.

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Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, lichen pilaris is usually treated on an outpatient basis. Since no medicine has been invented against it and there is no specific instruction for its cure, both medications and folk methods are combined for this purpose.

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Physiotherapy is an excellent adjunct against the fight against Devergie's disease. With such a disease, sulfide, radon, herbal baths contribute very well to recovery, after which you can apply a 44-60% aqueous solution of propylene glycol to the affected foci with your own hands, then covering these places with plastic wrap. UV irradiation, physiotherapy and sea bathing are also effective ancillary treatments that help either cure Devergy or achieve permanent remission.

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In protracted cases and frequent relapses, it is advisable to consolidate the effect of treatment in sanatoriums.

Treatment of cialis pills should begin with cleaning the affected area from keratinized skin. If such places are located on the scalp, then along with this the question arises, how to remove hair on lichen, because they are already, as a rule, atrophied and will interfere with treatment? For these purposes, you can use a 4% epilin patch, and if it is contraindicated, then the hairs are removed with sterile tweezers.

Recommended places in case of such an ailment are.

When pityriasis versicolor is located on the head, it should be washed with selenium sulfide shampoo. If the foci are located on the body, then it is advisable to change clothes every day. With such lichen from folk remedies, a decoction of common sorrel helps well, with which the affected areas are rubbed.

It is prepared in the following sequence. First, 1 tbsp. l. the roots and seeds of this plant should be ground. Then this mass is poured ΒΌ l of boiling water. Then everything is boiled over low heat for about 5 minutes. After that, the broth is cooled and filtered. Sorrel is a great helper for lichen lesions.

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A group of tadalafil called keratoses includes a lot of clinical manifestations.th, blockage of the follicles of the hair bulb, among which it occupies almost the leading place. Hair lichen has several names. These are follicular lesions of the epidermis, keratosis of the follicle, ichthyosis of the surface cells of the epidermis, and many others. Latin transcription - lichen pilaris.

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It belongs to the group of inherited diseases. The transfer of genetic information occurs in an autosomal dominant manner. However, the presence of a defective gene does not guarantee the mandatory development of clinical manifestations of lichen pilaris disease.
A provocative factor can be a violation of the diet and diet, poor personal hygiene and frequent changes in ambient temperature. The exact causes of the development of lesions of the epidermis are not currently known to science.

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